Manjit Singh is the co-author of Walking Through and Other Stories, her debut publication which features her short story, Buckets of WondermentAn earlier version of Buckets of Wonderment placed as a finalist in the 2016 Open Season Award for Fiction in The Malahat Review.  The book, written by five female authors, takes readers around the world and across class divides, celebrating the triumphs and trials of women who take centre stage in each story.  The short stories, united around the themes of human connection and life-changing chance encounters, use insight and humour to reveal issues impacting women globally.  The book was written to honour International Women’s Day.

A coming-of-age story, Buckets of Wonderment, features Naina, a young lower-caste girl, who has worked alongside her widowed mother in Memsaab’s stately home since the age of seven.  From an early age, Naina learns when to look away, to prevent her eyes from imparting a sense of longing for that which life would not afford her.  However, while living amongst those bestowed with plenty in a bustling Indian city, Naina dares to dream beyond what destiny may offer.  But will her dreams survive in the face of deceit?  Could she truly forge her own destiny?

Manjit Singh is a Toronto-based high school teacher.  She has also hosted Multicultural Radio and has served youth as a Program Coordinator and Employment Counsellor.  As a child, she immigrated to Canada with her family from India.  At the age of four, when starting kindergarten, Manjit was more fluent in her native tongue, Punjabi, not yet versed in English.  Throughout her life, Manjit has been an avid reader and lover of  beautiful prose.  She had harboured a secret passion for writing, though had never shared her craft, dreading how others might judge her work.  However, after recently experiencing a life-changing event in her life a stroke – Manjit put her fears aside and followed her passion of writing, openly and wholeheartedly, fully appreciative of the second opportunity afforded to her for following her dreams.  Today, she is a strong proponent of the written and spoken word, knowing the power of a strong voice.  Most importantly, Manjit has the great fortune of being surrounded by genuinely good people, in both her personal and professional life a constant source of inspiration and happiness for which she is truly grateful. 

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